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Age group: 16 - 25

#Myscript is an intergenerational community program creating opportunities for young people (between the ages of 16 to 21), while also engaging parents through a dynamic parenting support program. This program focuses on creative expression for young people, with a specific focus on acting, and filmmaking. Young people involved in the program will be given opportunities in script writing, acting, networking opportunities – and immersion in the world of film. 

Parents on the program will also be engaged through the, SFSC program (Strengthening families Strengthening communities). This program uses accredited, interactive methods to help parents learn more about themselves, and also about how to guide 

their children towards a violence free, healthy lifestyle.

We will combine both arms of this program, so that parents have a chance to see the art that the children are creating, while also putting into practice the principles of they are learning in SFSC. Young people will gain a deeper understanding about themselves, how to reach their goals, and be encouraged to create content that promotes violence free and healthy lifestyles. 


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