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NONE OF THE CLOCKS WORK was a full length drama production showcased at theatre Peckham for 8 nights. This allowed us to open up an intersectional discussion within a diverse audience. The play had several achieved aims – such as:

1. Bringing awareness to generational trauma and healing

2. Challenging and promoting improvements in social care policy

3. Solutions to youth violence.

4. Reviewing Societal UK change & effect on the BAME community.


We also reached out to schools and youth groups. This increased our engagement with at risk young people and allowed for their creative expression. The schools program ran for 6 months alongside the play. All young people involved got first-hand, behind-the-scenes experience as well as work with trained theatre practitioners and (for some) a role in the production!


Finally - During the 8 night run of the production, we partnered with Race Equality foundation to create a space for parents/carers to discuss elements of the production, & work with the incredible family team from Bridge the Gap Studios. Parents of all ages were welcomed. The aim of these workshops were to use the play as a backdrop to explore everyday parenting issues. We even had actors on hand to include several scenes from the play, during the sessions – which allowed for great discussion!

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