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See below for a list of our current roster of programs focused on youth outreach and engagement. Our Building Characters program is coupled with our SFSC parent program, to provide holistic family engagement.



CHILD Age group 12 - 16

Engage with Education works with families and young people that have been out of school education for a long period of time. In our programs working with young people in the inner city, we have seen how vital and important it is to work closely with both parents as much as possible to see true changes in behaviour. Knowing this, we have expanded our programs to include direct parental support.


Our formative sessions will focus on mindsets, and self-management (conflict resolution, anger management, confidence work, friendship groups etc.).This program provides tutoring in key school subjects, as well as Arts Award qualifications. Bridge the gap have also partnered with sports intervention programs to work with young people in sport as well as the creative arts.

The family/guardian will have access to a family specialist, who will work with them 1:1 on how to communicate and set boundaries for their children to build and maintain better relationships at home. They will also signpost them to relevant organisations and services that can help them meet their goals. The holistic support will cover financial support, opportunities access, and access to our free therapeutic services



Age group 13 - 18

Building characters’ is our group program which focuses on reaching at risk young people, many of which struggle with attendance, learning and functioning in education. We also work with students who struggle with confidence and find it hard to express themselves well in the conventional classroom. 

Many of these young people have strong leadership qualities.  While many may look at these groups as challenging, we believe that helping them facilitate a shift in their behaviour can be the catalyst to build stronger, focused year groups and community leaders.


We utilise a host of special guest speakers, many of which have come from the same background as these young people and are now excelling in their chosen fields of work. Professional training and networking opportunities are provided throughout the program. Alongside this we run AN ACCREDITED ARTS AWARD program for the students, in music creation and study, with GCSE grade level equivalents. This is then put into practice during “Opening Night” where our young people plan their own full length production based on decisions that they plan to make for their futures.



Age group 16 - 25

#MyScript focuses on encouraging expression and creativity through performing arts. In this program, we bring community engagement to another level. #MyScript provides a space for young people to not only express themselves creatively but also have access to training and opportunities within the creative sector. These workshops are managed by our special guest experts in each field.


We facilitate discussion/debate around important issues to young people and the best youth-led solutions. Following this, the cohort are given an opportunity to start planning a showcase focused on addressing a key issue that they have chosen, utilising MUSIC, DRAMA, FILM and SPOKEN WORD. In this live event, our cohort will have opportunity to have hands-on experience in developing film, photography, production and stage-management skills.

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