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Southwark 2020

This program (supported by United St. Saviours, Breaking Barriers, Newcomen Collett, & St Olave’s School) opened an amazing space for young people across London to come together to research, debate and discuss issues that they wanted their voices to be most heard on. Our key focus was youth-led solutions. 


Following these discussions, our main group were given an opportunity to start planning , culminating in a showcase delivered within their community. The young people on the program formed their own collective RTB (aka REMOVE THE BLINDFOLD) & designed a change campaign addressing Mental Health – particularly Post traumatic stress disorder and how it can be ignored or dismissed within their cultures and communities. 



Parliament 2018

Several of the young people involved in previous Building Characters programs,  collaborated with the Youth Violence Commission and their interim report launch! They not only performed,  but spoke to MPs and other influencers about their own experiences and  youth led solutions.

This Production, based on the powerful  book by Jonathon Toy (Ex head of Community Safety, Safer Southwark) documents stories from 10 years of work with gangs and prevention. SILENT VOICES provided the audience the opportunity to recognise and look at resolutions for the real reasons driving the tragic violence we see in our cities.


Turnham 2017

Our Building Characters Program

saw our entire group engage heavily  in studio work and a full-scale drama production - CHOICES focusing on the importance of right decision making. Families in the audience were moved by the powerful message behind the end of program production, & young people inspired by seeing their peers on stage bringing the play to life. This opened doors to motivate more young people to pursue positive ventures, become involved with the program, or want to turn their lives around, and bring peace to areas of the community that desperately need it.


Lewisham/Southwark 2019

Our early intervention program partnered with New Cross Gate Trust, to run knife crime awareness workshops in several primary schools in the Southwark and Lewisham boroughs. Our program worked with year 5’s and 6’s, teaching growth mindsets, first aid knowledge and dangers of glamorised violent lifestyles

In our sessions we used role-play, drama exercises, presentations group discussions. Our teams (formed of our past, older students partnered with current BTG staff) received outstanding feedback and recommendations from all schools involved




Enfield 2018

Through our Setting Scenes program with Turning Point in Enfield, we worked with several young people at their provisions

on a 1 to 1 basis.

These sessions focused on anger management, tutoring and gang intervention.


The progress and growth we saw from participants was outstanding. Here we also ran our Arts award in music creation and study, for GCSE grade level equivalent qualifications. These sessions were run at BonaFide studios in Alexandra Palace.



London 2018

“I left feeling inspired. We had young people from all

over London in the same place

discussing solutions. We need

more of this.” 


— Simon Mckenzie, STREET LEVELS Radio

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