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To truly make change in a community we know how important the family is in this endeavour. Our emotional intelligence programs utilise the talent of lead practitioners that have worked in social care for over 25 years in various capacities. These include: Youth engagement Officers, parenting facilitators, family support workers and senior family practitioners. Our experience of working with families with children from birth to 19 years old, has enabled us to gain insight of some of the needs and struggles that parents and their children face. This has allowed us to develop holistic support and strategies to meet these various needs.





Our emotional intelligence workshop offers support in group or one-to-one sessions. The group sessions support parents with children from six months to 2 years old, tackling "the terrible two's". Our one-to-one sessions support parents of children from 3 to 10 years old to develop their child's emotional skills in social settings, interactions with others and effective communication.


Our 12 one to one sessions are tailored to each family’s need through an assessment and information from parents which helps inform how to offer effective support.


Interactive sessions can be offered via Zoom, with home activities offered for both parents and children. Our program also includes weekly practical support, along with aftercare, to help ensure results and implementation.





Strengthening families strengthening communities parenting program is an evidence-based program which runs for 13 weeks. This program provides families with support for their children from birth to 19 years. Bridge The Gap Studios currently employs several practitioners accredited to deliver this program. 


SFSC focuses on building blocks that create a holistic parenting concept. This enables parents to have an in-depth understanding of how various aspects of their parenting, when properly developed, can positively enhance theirs and their children's lives.


This provision is combined with several of our existing youth programs for a wholistic intervention.



This program encourages parents to engage with their children’s school. Research has shown that children with parents who are more proactive in engaging with their children’s education tend to see better academic attainment.


This is a 12-week program that focuses the first six weeks on issues directly affecting parents and the next six weeks focus on issues directly affecting children.


These sessions are led by a facilitator; however, the aim is to facilitate dialogue among parents within the school. Here they can build a parenting network where they can make a difference around their experiences and develop stronger parenting skills.

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