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Growing up I didn't have much support and help in making something of myself. Not allowing that to stop me, I pushed myself down a good education route, completing an apprenticeship and obtaining a level 2 in plumbing and level 3 in gas.


Being a person who enjoys assisting, helping and supporting my community, I led youth clubs - organising events, day trips and lesson's to help encourage youth to make something of themselves.  Having a creative mind and a love for acting, I then went on to help assist in leading a youth drama & music groups helping create and perform the productions in the local community. I used the time to build up my knowledge of music study and creation, as well as connecting other young people to successful like-minds within the industry.


Seeing the positive effect had, I joined with Jonathan & Tsion to help form Bridge the Gap Studios, to support and enable young people to overcome barriers, using the performing arts.

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